Firm’s founder, Hal Bringman, launched NVPR along with its first client,, at the advent of digital entertainment when the notion of an MP3 file was merely a novelty. Ultimately, its transformative impact on culture and the markets would be become a recurring theme represented in the company’s disruptive projects. Subsequently, the company has continually helped usher in new trends and disruptive ideas to the masses as the world of media and entertainment continually evolve.

A company’s messaging should be as compelling as its business model and not comprised of recycled, inauthentic boiler plate verbiage mired in the storytelling of yesteryear. This is where an entrepreneurial mindset with the acumen and instincts to successfully drill down and detect trend findings, look deeper at consumer needs, and locate any sense of friction to present solutions, helps break through the cluttered, noisy media landscape.

A demonstrated track record of successful projects from launch through revenue to exit is bookmarked by excellent execution coupled with effective strategy counsel.

Subject of a profile in The New York Times in recognition for pioneering the hybrid approach to coupling marketing + business development in exchange for equity further solidifies the company’s progressive accomplishments:

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A classic example of the firm’s hybrid approach to strategically executed marketing + business development is exemplified here, as VentureBeat reported, NVPR helped broker the $500m acquisition of Double Down

Interactive by IGT (NYSE: IGT) "...NVPR introduced the two parties, with the Raine Group and Davis Wright Tremaine finalizing the transaction."

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